What’s Been Happening…

What’s Been Happening at Maverick Ag…

With this late Spring we’ve been experiencing, the first signs of warm weather had farmers ready to get in the fields which has left us at Maverick Ag very busy our first planting season!

For us, the late Spring was a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to finish up some projects to ensure our warehouse, soybean treatment plant, and liquid fertilizer plant were all fully functional before planting season hit. And now with farmers out in the fields, liquid fertilizer, corn seed, and even some soybean seed has been flying off the shelves. And we are thinking we should have built a bigger warehouse to store it all! šŸ˜‰

We’ve been going nonstop for about two weeks now, but we wanted to take some time to give an update on what’s been going on around Maverick Ag. For those of you who didn’t receive one, we sent out a Spring Update Postcard (shown below). If you would like to be adding to our mailing list, please send us your address using our Contact Form

Maverick Ag Spring Update 2013


Right before the weather got warm and got everyone out in the field, it gave us time to finish building an office onto our liquid fertilizer plant as well as make sure our soybean treater was fully functional and work out any bugs in the system.

Maverick Update Blog 1
Liquid Fertilizer Plant & Soybean Treater

Not too soon after we were just finishing up the last minute projects, planting season officially began in North Dakota! Our warehouse begun filling up even more and products began flying out the door just as fast as they were coming in! We still have a complete line of seed available so if you are in need of any seed, please contact us!

Maverick Ag Corn Seed Warehouse Ashley North Dakota
Our Warehouse & Corn Seed Going Out the Door

We also started our custom application this week and got our John Deere 4830 out for itsĀ inauguralĀ run along with our Maverick Ag Applicator Rig. If you are in need of any custom application, please contact us in advance! We will also be working with LaDelle’s Spraying Service again this year offering aerial application.

John Deere Custom Application Maverick Ag
Maverick Ag Spray Rig & Our JD 4830 Sprayer

And finally, this week we got to see our soybean treater in action as farmers in the area begin to plant soybeans. Check out the YouTube video below:

Planting season is just beginning and it has already been off to a great start! We will be saying our prayers for rain as well as a successful growing season for all of our customers!

Thank you to each and every one of you who sent us well wishes on a successful first year as well as all of you who have chosen us for your Ag supply needs! We appreciate all your business and support! Stay tuned for more updates! And if you have any questions, feel free to Contact us!

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