Every season brings different challenges, let us help you navigate those challenges.

  • Herbicides

    • Don’t let weeds steal your yield potential, we have recommendations for the right products and stress pre-emerge products to stop weeds before they become a problem.


  • Fungicides

    • By monitoring crop conditions and environment, we can give timely recommendations for fungicides to maintain optimum plant health.  Yield increases have also been seen through plant health applications by making crops more efficient.


  • Insecticides

    • Staying ahead of insect outbreaks reduces damages to crops. Contact us if you suspect insects are becoming a problem in your fields.


  • Surfactants, Water Conditioners, and Adjuvants

    • Make the most of your crop protection products with the right additives.


  • Seed Treatments & Inoculants

    • High quality seed treatments available for all crops.
    • Soybean Treatments:
      • Soy-pack DSP: custom blended full disease protection
      • Soy-pack FSP: custom blended full disease protection plus insecticide
  • Micronutrients

    • Products like EB Mix can be mixed with other applications to reduce deficiencies and give crops a boost.
    • Zinc: a good addition to mix with liquid starter
    • Many other micronutrients

We have access to brand name and generic products from all major manufacturers. Please contact us for more information.